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F.I.T. Aviation

F.I.T. Aviation is located in sunny Melbourne, Florida and is based out of Melbourne International Airport. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Florida Institute of Technology, F.I.T. Aviation is the flight school of choice for the aeronautical students that attend the university. Since it was founded in 1968, F.I.T. offers ground school, air traffic control, simulation, and flight instruction. If you are a current or future flight student in the Central Florida area, F.I.T. Aviation may be the school for you.

"Florida Tech is one of the elite few private universities to offer undergraduate aeronautics degree programs with flight options and F.I.T. Aviation is proud of its role in these exciting programs. You will find Florida Tech graduates working in nearly every airline as well as in airports, training centers, safety agencies and aviation companies all over the world." - F.I.T. Aviation

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