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Sophie Bilodeau

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May 2021

This month's Aviator Spotlight shines its light on Sophie Bolideau. Currently a Sophomore at Southern New Hampshire University, Sophie has earned her Private Pilot license and is furthering her flight training in pursuit of a career in aviation. Listen in on Sophie's story as she tells it in her own words.


Sophie Bilodeau's story in her own words:

My Name is Sophie Bilodeau and I am a 20 year old woman in aviation. My aviation story starts with my dad, a certified flight instructor, a first officer in a Boeing 777 for United Airlines, and my biggest supporter/mentor. In 2016, my dad took me on an introductory flight and passed me his aviation text books. He knew my love for aviation would grow and motivate me to pursue it in college. Even when I was confused about my future he pushed me in the right direction. Every time I need help studying or when I’m having trouble with my flights or confidence, my dad is always there to pick me up and teach me something new. It’s a blessing to have a family member in aviation.

I have had so many flying experiences that have brought me true joy and fulfillment. I remember the feeling that consumed me after I achieved my first solo. The excitement and confidence I felt that day will forever motivate me to continue chasing my dreams. I have flown a Seaplane, a Commander, and even managed to experience the excitement of an aerobatic flight. I wanted to remember these adventures, and start sharing them with the world, so I started creating Youtube videos, Blog stories, Instagram posts, and TikToks. These social media platforms have been very supportive of my dream, and help me reach other aviation lovers. I want to be a role model and mentor for my audience, and hopefully motivate and inspire others to pursue a career in aviation. By sharing my aviation experiences, I strive to not only influence others, but also be an outlet for information and answer any questions people may have about flying, flight school, or traveling. I am delighted to be able to share my story and positively impact the community.

"I want to be a role model and mentor for my audience, and hopefully motivate and inspire others to pursue a career in aviation."

The possibilities in aviation are endless. There are so many different careers out there like flight instructing, banner-towing, scenic flights, freight, corporate, charter, commercial, and more. I have always been interested in commercial careers, but now have an interest in corporate and charter careers as I learn more and more about them. I am not quite sure what career path I will pursue after flight school, but I know that a positive attitude and persistence will point me in the right direction.

At the end of every day, I am so thankful that I have spent over 150 hours of my life flying planes. This is a career path that I don't think I will ever regret. I will be dedicated and motivated to my training in order to accomplish my goals and create the future I dream of. I hope to inspire others through my social media and remind people that they can achieve anything they put their heart and soul into. After all, the sky is the limit, (literally).


Thank you, Sophie, for sharing your story. If you have a story you would like to share with the world send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your story!



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