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Custom Design

Custom Design

  1. Before placing your order, email ( us your image. (It is recomended that your image fits about 5x1 dimensions. We understand it's a rather... unique shape, but Scanners™ are an unique product! Part of the image may be cut off during printing. We'll confirm it with you before printing).
  2. We will create a mockup of your very own custom Scanners™ for your approval. 
  3. Only when you are 100% satisfied with the mockup design, you will place your order and let us take care of the rest!



Scanners™ are crafted with the modern pilot in mind and are 100% Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) certified. Our complete efforts are focused on supplying pilots with the best quality and most unique IFR training device on the market.



Our adhesive film removes the blinding glare caused by fogged lenses that make staying focused and scanning instruments difficult. Our lenses come in various unique designs to suit all styles and maximize the thrill of being a pilot.



No Blinding Glare | Unique Designs | Scratch Resistant | UV Protection | Adjustable Frames


* If you are not satisfied with your Scanners™ after 30 days of receiving them we will give you your money back. No questions asked.*

  • *Disclaimer*

    By submitting an image you claim ownership and  all legal rights to the image(s) provided. Scanners™ is not liable for any copyright infringement. Thank you.

  • Risk Free:

    You will love your Scanners™ guaranteed or your money back.

  • All pairs come with complimentary microfiber bag.

  • The provided images are examples and not for sale*

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